Live Your Best Budget Life!

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Live Your Best Budget Life!

Living & Eating Healthy on a Budget: Top Deals for 2019

Living on a strict budget is a fact of life for millions of Brits. However, living on a budget doesn’t mean that families and individuals have to forsake living healthy or even luxuriously. Here we’ll list killer tips detailing everything from how to prepare inexpensive healthy meals, to how to benefit from free gym memberships and similar special offers in 2019.

The Best Things in Life Really are Free

If you are forced to abide by a strict budget, you might feel like you miss out on everything from healthy food to high-quality family entertainment. However, this needn’t be the case. Right now, for example, it is possible to get free access for 30-days, to leading streaming services like Amazon Prime.

Of course, one of the hardest parts of having to live on a budget concerns the limiting of high-quality, grocery items. However, preparing inexpensive meals on a budget is possible. Items like luxury L’OR Roast & Ground Coffee, for instance, can be sampled completely for free when using discount codes from coupon sites like VoomBox.

Personal Care Items & Free Gym Memberships

Trying to live healthily on a budget is possible; it is easy to feel like you’re missing out when it comes to luxuries like branded make up and access to local leisure centres.

Big makeup and personal care brands love to give away samples of products. This way you can try before you buy and might even recommend products to others. Clinique is one of several makeup and personal care brands, giving away freebies. Coupon sites like VoomBox regularly feature similar 100% free product giveaways.

Moving onto free gym memberships; most local gyms and leisure centres offer completely free trials for up to 30-days. Other national health and fitness chains like DW Fitness offer sample 3-day passes.

Of course, trial gym memberships mean that you can only make use of facilities for a limited period. However, if there are several gyms in your area, it could pay to trial each, before taking out a full membership with the most affordable.

Free Holidays & Vacation Activities

For the most part, eating healthy on a budget and even treating yourself to small luxuries is easy. All people need to do is learn how to form the right shopping habits and where to find the right killer discounts. Did you know that it is also possible to vacation on a budget?

UK holiday parks like Center Parcs and Butlins, run different promotions year round in national newspapers. After collecting enough coupons, families can even benefit from weekend stays in self-catering accommodation for as little as £10 per night.

Living on a Budget Doesn’t have to Mean Living too Frugally

Living on a strict budget isn’t easy, coupon hunting and forming better shopping habits can let you get more value out of every penny you spend. Make sure to bookmark sites like VoomBox today to never miss a deal available in your area.

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