The Ultimate KFC Hacks – Eat For Free!

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The Ultimate KFC Hacks – Eat For Free!

They say there is no such thing as a free meal, well….they are wrong! You can get a completely FREE KFC and get it delivered to your house by following these clever hacks!

When I found out you can get your hands on a completely free £15 KFC meal by ordering from Just Eat here, I nearly exploded with excitement! (I mean £15 worth of chicken for free is a lot of chicken). Just imagine sitting back and relaxing as your delicious chicken arrives at the door!

The best thing about this spicy deal is you can order it as long as your nearest KFC is open and they usually delivers within the hour!

You can go for a classic 14 Piece Bargain Bucket with 14 pieces of Original Recipe Chicken, or you could for a healthier meal with KFC Zinger Salad that comes with a drink for only £5.29 or turn this sweet deal even sweeter by adding a triple chocolate muffin for only £1.79 to your order – the choice is completely up to you!

Thanks to the collaboration between Just Eat and Topcashback, new users will get to enjoy this takeaway absolutely free with just few simple steps. All you have to do is click the Claim Now button to create a new account in Topcashback. Then, select ‘Get Cashback Now’ button to proceed to Just Eat website to make your purchase. A £15 cashback will return to you after you’ve made your transaction as you tuck into your meal.

This promotion is only valid until 1st of July, so hurry up and enjoy while you can. If you still want more Free KFC, why not sign up to become a mystery diner at KFC where you get given a £25 voucher in return for leaving a review on how much you enjoyed your meal! £25 KFC just for leaving a quick review, sounds like my perfect job! You’ll be sent £25 to spend in KFC and order anything you want.

You can also join the Colonel’s Club by downloading the KFC app here. You will automatically be awarded 3 stamps to redeem 2 hot wings, a small popcorn chicken or any side or drink of your choice. Collect a further four stamps (11 in total) and you can get £5 off any purchase.

Last but not least, try KFC’s Fill Up Lunch where you can get £5 worth of chicken for only £1.99 which is available everyday before 3pm here. The lunch comes with a mini fillet burger, 2 hot wings and a regular fries.

Don’t forget to share this great news with your friends and family and head over to your nearest KFC now.




2 years ago

My meal was amazing I enjoyed it so much I do love kfc it’s one of my favourite places to go to eat

Kyrie Watson

2 years ago

I would love to try this opportunity as I've never been able to afford a takeout meal but sounds like a good offer


2 years ago

That’s. Great thanks would love it a lot

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