Feed Your Pets for Free!

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Feed Your Pets for Free!

Feed Pets for Free: Free Pet Food Samples & Pedigree Coupons

To UK pet owners, our four-legged companions are more than just pets. Dogs and cats are full-blown furry family members. However, in times of financial distress, this can mean that families have to worry about extra mouths to feed. Did you know that big pet food brands often look for official food tasters to trial new pet food recipes completely free of charge?

Pedigree Coupons – Test & Keep Free Pet Food Samples

It might sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. Big pet food brands like Pedigree really will let you test free pet food samples. This means that the special canines in your life can indulge in the UK’s best-loved dog food!

How do I Qualify & What’s the Catch?

UK dog owners can sign up to receive free pet food samples from Pedigree by clicking here. As for what catches are involved, there aren’t any. At least, not unless you count your pup (possibly) refusing to eat anything other than Pedigree afterwards…

Free Pet Food Samples for Cats

Pedigree coupons for dogs from VoomBox are a fantastic way to treat furry canine companions to a delicious treat or two. However, coupon sites like VoomBox have cats covered also.

Whiskas has been the UK’s best and most trusted cat food brand for over 30-years. To ensure that only the tastiest and healthiest Whiskas recipes hit supermarket shelves, Whiskas also offer year-round free pet food samples. To claim your free samples, click here.

Qualify for a 2-Week Trial of Tails

Pet food brands like Pedigree benefit from strong trust among consumers. This is fantastic for Pedigree. However, it can make it difficult for new pet food brands to find a foothold in the market. One such brand is Tails.

What is Tails?

Tails.com is a new tailor-made pet food brand. Specialising in ‘food as unique as your pet,’ Tails formulate dry dog food which is specially designed to cater for senior dogs, dogs with allergies, and dogs of different pedigrees. Available to order directly online, Tails.com promises to be able to help you feed your pet for as little as £18.36 per month.

Naturally, people who are on a budget can feel wary when it comes to trying new brands. However, Tails.com is attempting to tackle this problem offering up to 2-weeks of specially formulated dog food, completely free!

To claim your 2-week free trial of Tails specially formulated pet food, click here.

Free Pet Food Samples Do’s & Don’ts

Pedigree coupons and 2-week free trials of new pet food brands are a fantastic way to cut weekly grocery shopping costs. Just remember though, it isn’t a good idea to continually chop and change what you feed your furry best friend. This being the case, when you do trial a new brand, do consider switching to it temporarily for a short period afterwards, to keep canine and feline companions as content as possible.

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