Free McDonald’s Breakfast

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Free McDonald’s Breakfast

McDonald’s have extended their opening times for their breakfast to 11am at all UK outlets nationwide.

To celebrate this, National Consumer Review are giving £25 McDonald’s voucher for people to test the new menu and give their feedback on all items including McMuffins, hash browns, pancakes and even hot drinks.

How do I become a Mystery Diner?

All you have to do is give NCR your email details, complete the survey and you could become a reviewer. In return you’ll tell them what you think of it, write a review, upload it, and here’s the best bit, you’ll get sent £25.00 to spend in McDonalds. If selected, you’ll become one of the army of official NCR product testers.




Elvie Havard

12 months ago

Love McDonald's breakfast mcmuffin are the best love there hash brown too hot chocolate to dry for many thank McDonald's


12 months ago

Good good

Claire Usher

12 months ago

I would be happy to help!!

Stephen Collins

12 months ago

McDonald's has always been highly respected for food and service I've become a regular customer for years it's a great place for family outings and great value


12 months ago

I would love to do this

Steve Wright

11 months ago

The new menu is really good i reccomend the cheesy bagels

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