Free KFC Meal

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Free KFC Meal

I love KFC and so the thought of becoming a KFC food tester where I can eat for free is like a dream.

National Consumer Review are looking for people to become a secret diner at KFC. Simply join their program and complete all the forms.

Become a KFC Mystery Diner and eat for free.

Love KFC? Have you ever thought of becoming a mystery diner? All you have to do is join NCR, fill in the survey for your chance to review it for free. Yes, it’s that simple.

How do I become a Mystery Diner?

To sign up for the chance to review this item, click the Join Now buttons above and enter your details. You’ll then be asked to fill in a series of further forms relating to various offers, which you need to complete. Please opt into the offers that you’re interested in. Don’t worry, the companies involved will only contact you if you opt in.


Ouaise Abdel Razig

5 months ago

Love KFC?

David blair

5 months ago

Hi I'd like to become a tester

Alishah Mirza

5 months ago

I am happy to enter

Anna Sorrell

5 months ago

Love kfc best ever my kids could eat it all day


5 months ago

Kfc is good but sometimes the chicken is smaller than the wings which I think deprives the customer of a good meal feeling unsatisfied.

Helen curwen

5 months ago


kameron kapadia

5 months ago

kfc is the BEST fast food ever

tracy meldrum

5 months ago

yes please


5 months ago

I love the coleslaw and bargain bucket for the family such good value for money and tasty

John mcnally

4 months ago

KFC, very dated now, a good product but needs updated with more options, McDonalds have nicked your chicken, fight back with veggie burgers JPM

Maureen Blyth

4 months ago

KFC yes please .love there new chips and gravy.

Victor ree

4 months ago

KFC is my favourite food, I travel a lot for work, and my first choice is KFC


4 months ago

Love a the got wings

Karen L

3 months ago

Love KFC

Caroline Bennett

2 months ago

Yes please, I would love to be a mystery shopper

jackie Salt

2 months ago

love the gravy dip the chicken in x

Anderson Murraine

1 month ago

Always love a chicken burger and fries

Lin Kennett

4 days ago

Love Kentucky

Merv Smith

4 days ago

Love everything in KFC


3 days ago

i would like to try KFC with my grandchildren

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