Free £25 McDonald’s Voucher

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Free £25 McDonald’s Voucher

You can get all your McDonald’s favourites with this £25 Voucher including Big Mac’s, fries, McFlurrys, chicken nuggets and even your favourite milkshake. National Consumer Review are looking for mystery diners to test the items on the new menu – giving each tester £25 to spend. New items include the Chicken Deluxe with zesty tomato relish, cheese melt dippers and the Matchmaker Mint McFlurry!

Have you ever thought of becoming a mystery diner? All you have to do is join NCR, fill in the survey for your chance to review it for free. Yes, it’s that simple.

How do I become a Mystery Diner?

All you have to do is give NCR your email details, complete the survey and you could become a reviewer. In return you’ll tell us what you think of it, write a review, upload it, and here’s the best bit, you’ll get sent £25.00 to spend in McDonalds. If selected, you’ll become one of the army of official NCR product testers.



8 months ago

So brilliant would total recommend

Matthew Luyima

7 months ago

Oh yeah

Danielle Straughan

6 months ago

Ohh i love a McDonald’s would love to test it out

Lucia Stanciu

6 months ago

I think is great I totally recommend to everyone 😀😀

Gideon Ibeh

5 months ago

Bring it on! Am loving it, McDonald is for everyone yeah.

Gideon Ibeh

5 months ago

McDonald is really great! I think it helps the masses during rush hours to work. It it highly recommended for everyone 😁😊😁 Taste soo good

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