Free £15 Pizza Hut

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Free £15 Pizza Hut

While we are all stuck in our own house counting down to the days until we are ‘FREE’ again, I’ve got a good news to tell you. Pizza Hut is staying open despite the closing of so many restaurants.

That’s right. Instead of risking going to get food, how does pizza delivery sounds?

Doesn’t matter if you’re tempted by classic crust, Italian, pan, garlic butter stuffed crust or gluten free pizzas, whether your taste buds are tantalised by Margherita, Hawaiian, Pepperoni Feast, Texan BBQ, Super Supreme or create your own toppings.With Pizza Hut delivery, you’ll get to skip the cooking and jump straight to eating hassle-free.

Even better news is I’ve found a way to save £15 from my favourite Pizza Hut. By just clicking the button below, I’ll get to purchase my pizza from Pizza Hut with a £15 cashback.

Basically, all I had to do was sign up to TopCashback,  which then sent me to After that, it was as simple as ordering my pizza online. Once all the necessary checks have been made, TopCashback sends the £15 into my account. Simple as that.

Now excuse me, I need to get back to ordering my pizza.

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